personal-firewall Personal Firewall

Installing McAfee Personal Firewall is quite simple and very quick! If you’re new user to McAfee community and haven’t used any of the McAfee antivirus products in the past, there are few easy & simple steps you need to follow to activate the McAfee products you have purchased and start utilising them to get the best anti-virus support out of your devices. There are a 3 simple step that user need to follow for activating McAfee Personal Firewall.

At the very first, you need to create a McAfee com activate account. If you are existing user, it is better to log in to your account. In this article, we will help you to understand the various steps required for the complete and successful installation of McAfee Personal Firewall. Do note, When you got a red tab to click it means you can proceed to next step during installation, and if you found a Grey Tab to click it guides you to go to the back page and complete your previous setting. Simply red is to move forward and grey is to go backwards.

Prerequisite before installing your McAfee Personal Firewall.

A Windows 8 PC And upgraded Operating system

A Valid and authenticate e-mail address

A 25 digit product key code for your McAfee Personal Firewall product

A fast and secure internet connection

Stage 1 : – McAfee Activate Personal Firewall with ( ) Personal Firewall

At the very first, you need to access your internet browser and then visit official website or

after that you will be landed on the page were it will ask you to select your country and language from the given menu bar.

Now have a through look on your mcafee retailcard there is 25 digit activation code mcafee activate. This code is wrapped in a silver foil. so you need to scratch the silver foil and get your code. Make sure you are scratching it smoothly, so that heavy scratching can lead to erasing the code sometimes.

Now enter your valid email address make sure it is correct, because once you have entered the email add your product will get registered on the e-mail address.

Then make a click on submit. That’s it.

Stage 2 : – Activate McAfee Personal Firewall via

Second step it is the step to decide whether you are existing or new user of mcafee antivirus.

If you’re Mcafee existing customer and have a McAfee product registered with your same e-mail address that you have used in registering with this product then you’ll be taken directly to log in page.

In the login page, you’ll be required to fill in your details like e-mail address and password, before clicking on the ‘Log In’ tab on your computer screen.

However, if you’ve not used a McAfee antivirus product before using the same e-mail address, then there is a new registration page mcafee activate that you need to fill in to get started with mcafee.

In the new registering page, you’ll be presented with two box which will ask you to enter your 25 digit code and valid email; you need to register your e-mail address and other related details. Once your account has been created, then you can utilises it to manage your McAfee Personal Firewall account.

Keep in mind, while filling out your details in the registering page mcafee com activate, always use a valid and authenticate e-mail address and use a private password that you can remember always. This password should be used by you whenever you want to log in to your McAfee Personal Firewall account. Hence save your password. The will contain one upper case, one lower case and at least a no. Once all the important details have been provided, click on the blue button ‘I Agree’ and you are on.

Step 3 : – Register McAfee Personal Firewall via

After following the above two steps your mcafee retailcard will be redeemed and installed into your computer. To check whether your subscription is still active go to and check out your subscription period and features of your mcafee Personal Firewall.